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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, please feel free to email me. I cannot promise that I can or will answer everything  but I always aim to respond as quickly as I can. Still, some days get busy and maybe what you want to know has already been answered below? Let's see ...



Questions about my work


Q.  I'm a jewellery designer. Can I credit you as the beadmaker when describing my work?

Yes, if you have used my art beads in your work, you are welcome to mention my name on your promotional material and website. But it is entirely up to you. Many designers do credit the beadmaker and it is always appreciated but if you prefer not to, again that's cool.


Q. I have used your beads in my jewellery. Will you put a photo of it in your customer gallery pages?

Maybe! Email me a photo and we can discuss it. I love seeing how you all bring my beads to life in your designs. So don't keep me in suspense - show me what you are making!


Q. Do you teach beadmaking?

I don't have time for teaching at the moment. If you are looking for tuition, please check out my links page and contact the relevant guild or association for a list of teachers in your area.

For information about using polymer clay, why don't you pop along to The Polyclay Forum


Q. Have you published any of your beadmaking techniques?

Yes, pretty much all my polymer clay techniques are now in print or in pixel, either in my books or in various magazine articles. Please see my Bio page for more details on my published work.

The techniques used in my Illuminare and Clarice art beads have now been published. You can find them in my first PDF e-book, available to purchase with immediate download in the online store - Illuminare & Clarice Beads - Shimmering Polymer Clay Surface Effects & Beadmaking Techniques

You can also find other jewellery related projects and articles I have written on my Tutorials page.


Q. Can I sell the beads & Jewellery I make following your book / tutorial instructions?

Yes, you can sell any items you make following my instructions, so long as you alone made them. However - it really is better to become known for selling your own designs rather than other people's. So I would urge you to consider if you are ready to sell if you are simply following other people's published projects. Sorry if that sounds brutal!

Instead, it is far better to use tutorials and books as a spring-board to finding your own direction with the material. Once you have worked an idea through and found ways to add your own unique twist, then is the time to consider selling. You may find my article Selling Your Handmade Jewellery useful - it applies every bit as much to components as to finished pieces.

Either way, if you know that what you learned gave you a helping hand when selling your work, please show a little love back. Simply linking to my site or crediting my books / tutorials as being useful to you would be much appreciated! 


Q. Can I ask other questions about beadmaking techniques?

Of course! I am always happy to answer general questions on using polymer clay or jewellery-making where possible. Those are areas I have been involved in for many years and feel somewhat qualified to yabber on about.  When it comes to lampwork, ceramics or metal clays I consider myself merely an enthusiastic amateur, but will point you in the right direction if I cannot answer your questions myself.

Please remember though, many answers are already out there just waiting for you to Google them! My links page also has some excellent sites for polymer clay and lampwork info.



Questions about making a purchase


Q. Are your Art beads for sale?

Yes they sure are! I sell all my art beads through my online store and also my Etsy store


Q. All the beads in your shop are marked sold - when will new beads be listed?

Soon I promise. I list new beads weekly at least and usually send out notifications to my mailing list when they go up. Often new beads sell quite quickly though, so don't hang around if you see something you like. I never make the exact same beads twice!

If you are still having problems finding a set available, why not join my Lampwork Lotto?  Alternatively check out my occasional auctions.


Q. How do I join your mailing list?

To join my mailing list - click here.  I operate two mailing lists and you can join either, or prefereably both. One is a general newsletter, the other is art beads specific. Even if you are only interested in the Art Beads, it's a good idea to join both lists so you don't miss out on any special offers.

Please note - to receive my newsletters, you must ensure your email program will allow email from eralph(at)ejrbeads.co.uk. If you are concerned my emails are not reaching you, check your junk / spam folder and be sure to mark the messages as "safe" if you find them misplaced in there!


Q. I have seen some beads I like here on your website, are they available?

All the beads shown on my website gallery pages have been sold.


Q. Will you make me some beads just like the ones I have seen?

No, sorry. The owner of the original beads bought them from me as unique art beads. For this reason, I never recreate the same set of beads exactly. Currently, my silver charms are the only items made in limited editions.


Q. So don't you do any custom commissions?

No - I am rubbish at it! My beads turn out much better when I just make what I feel and don't work to a specific brief.


Q. I have seen some beads I like in your store - will you make them into jewellery for me?

See above, the same applies to jewellery. What can I say? I am either a flake or a free-spirit, depending on your outlook! If you want to commission some jewellery, please visit my customer gallery pages. There you will find many talented designers who may be willing to take on your custom order.


Q. What do your beads cost in US dollars?

That would depend on the exchange rate that day. All my beads are priced and sold in GBP (Great British Pounds). It is the buyer's responsibility to determine what those prices are in their own currency. Please see my online store's Ordering Information page for fuller details on ordering and payments.


Q. What are the shipping costs to the US?

Shipping is based on weight and destination of the order. To determine shipping prices please refer to the Ordering Information page.


Q. Do I have to use the Online Store to order? Can't I phone, email or visit you?

The online store handles all the paperwork and stock control for your orders - freeing me up to get in the studio and make beads. For this reason, EJR Beads is run strictly online only. Orders may only be placed through the online store. UK customers can make their payment by cheque or postal order if they prefer - but all orders must be made using the online shopping cart.


Q. Do you offer wholesale?

Effectively my beads are already priced at wholesale  - they are as competitively-priced as I can afford to make them. If I were to sell through other outlets, the retail price for my beads would be much higher. That is why I took the decision to sell my beads to you directly and not work through other agents or retailers.


Q.  Do you sell your beads on eBay or Etsy?

I rarely sell on ebay these days, but you'll find me there as seller ID ejralph .

I have an Etsy store, using EJRBeads as the store name. Nearly everything on the Etsy store is available in my online store too, and often it will be more convenient for us both for you to order from the store!



Other questions


Q. Will you exchange website links with me?

No, sorry. I get asked this so often and soon realised my links page would look like the yellow pages if I said yes to every request. So, when I do add a link it is because I genuinely like the site, the person or think there is some other good reason you should abandon me and go visit them.

If you like my website and wish to link to my homepage, I would be honoured but it doesn't guarantee you a link back! Likewise if I link to you I don't expect reciprocal linking unless you genuinely want to do that.


Q. Are you as horrible as this FAQ makes you sound?

Of course not! I like kittens and everything.


Q.  Do you ever sleep?

No. sleep is for girls.