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Polymer Clay Beads & Jewellery Gallery

Clarice Polymer Clay Art Beads by Emma Ralph  

 I am probably best known for my work in polymer clay. I have used this wonderful oven-bake clay to create beads for many years now and it remains one of my favourite bead-making materials.

 All the beads shown here are from my Illuminare and Clarice series, using techniques I developed to create polymer beads I think you will fall in love with. (You can now learn these polymer clay techniques yourself with my Illuminare & Clarice Beadmaking e-book!)

 Both series are characterised by their vibrant metallic colours, adorned with simple, graphical motifs. The Clarice beads are inspired by the bright citrus shades of Clarice Cliff ceramics. The Illuminare series favours bolder metallics. Often beads will incorporate millefiore cane motifs - tiny little pictures or patterns, entirely constructed from coloured pieces of clay.

Clarice Lentil Beads - by Emma Ralph   Once baked, the beads are hand-finished to perfection, making them beautifully smooth with a durable shine. The result is a lustrous art bead that will happily give its ceramic or glass counterparts a run for their money!

   As you can imagine, my polymer beads are incredibly time-consuming to make. Each bead requires many separate processes from start to finish, carried out over several days. But for me the results are worth it. They remain my favourite beads to make.


All the items shown are now sold but please visit my online store to see jewellery and art beads currently available. Please note that I am not accepting commissions or wholesale orders at this time - sorry.












All text and images Emma Ralph 2006