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My Polymer Clay Experiments

I've earmarked this page for any interesting experiments. For more detailed clay chat though, do visit The Polyclay Forum

Comparing Cernit White Translucent with Pardo Translucent

I was interested to see how Pardo Art Clay translucent compared to my usual brand - Cernit, so did a few quick tests. The clays were treated the same exactly, apart from baking as they both have a slightly different baking temp. Your mileage may vary as they say, these are just my results. It is also fair to say that I have more experience using Cernit, so some of the quirks I found in the Pardo might just be me needing to "learn" that brand more.

Firstly, I rolled a couple of circles out on the thickest pasta machine setting and baked them.

Next, the same size circles again, but then run through the machine on the thinnest setting.

My preference overall was for the Cernit. I think it held its own well against the Pardo on translucency. I preferred the baked finish of the Cernit - it was smooth and even, but the Pardo had a waxy coating that I couldn't seem to sand off. I think both clays handled nicely, both seem to be on the soft side, which I like.  My last experiment was to try snapping the thicker baked discs in half. Both were strong, but the Cernit was the stronger of the two. Cernit is very strong when baked though, so this doesn't surprise me. Actually, I nearly broke my fingers trying to snap the Cernit ;-) I found both clays enjoyable to use, but Cernit just had the edge for me.

comparing pardo translucent polymer clay with cernit translucent polymer clay