Cosmic Shimmer Mica Powders Kits

cosmic shimmer mica pigment powder kits Gorgeous kits of Cosmic Shimmer Mica Shimmer and Sparkle Powders. Each Shimmer kit includes 6 pots of very fine Cosmic Shimmer mica pigment powders,  a spray bottle and a brush. The Sparkle kits contain 8 pots of colour.

The Shimmer kit powders are fine enough to be mixed with water to make a shimmering mist to spray over card, paper etc and each shimmer kit comes complete with a spray bottle and brush.

The Sparkle powders have a slightly larger particle size and cannot be spritzed. Both types contain an inbuilt resin which helps them adhere. You can also mix them with water to create a paint

They are also beautiful for enhancing polymer clay. Use them dry over unbaked polymer clay for dazzling effects, or mix them into the clay itself to give it a shimmering iridescence.

The following colour examples are guides only, it is impossible to capture the true colours of these pretty powders in a photo - but I am sure you will fall as much in love with them as I have!

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