Art Clay Silver

This is a remarkable product – a modelling clay that becomes pure fine silver when you fire it in a kiln, on your gas hob or with a hand-held blow torch. Three different formulations are currently available at EJR Beads:

Art Clay Silver 650 – a low firing-temperature clay which can be fired with a kiln, butane torch or on your gas hob.

Art Clay Silver 650 Slow Dry – as above, but with a slower-drying formulation to give you a longer working time.

Art Clay Silver Slow Tarnish – Special formula which gives a slower-to-tarnish finished product.

Please read the instructions enclosed with the product for more detailed information on firing temperatures and times. And don't forget to check our tools categories for plenty of modelling and finishing tools plus cutters, moulds and texture sheets to use with your Art Clay Silver projects!

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