Ultrafine Glitter Collection - "Hot Copper"


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"Hot Copper" is a collection of ultrafine polyester glitters, carefully selected to emulate the look of heat-treated copper on polymer clay or paper.

The glitters have a very fine particle size, finer than our Microfine glitters. Use them over un-baked polymer clay, mix with waterbased varnish to use on baked clay or for paper crafts, use with white crafting glue or doubled-sided tape.

In this collection there are 6 different glitters - 3 "Metal" colours: Copper, Brass and Champagne and three "Hot" colours: Blue, Pink and Purple. Use blends of the "Metal" colours to imitate sheet copper. The "Hot" colours are there to add occasional drama and accent, mimicking the look of spot-heated metal.

With Ultrafine Glitters, you control the blends, the patterns and the amount of each colour used. Experiment with the shape and placement of your colours. Use all the colours in the selection or just a few. The choice is yours.

Generally speaking, you will find most projects look better if you use more of the "Metals" and only occasional accents of the "Hot" colours. For this reason, there is twice as much of the "Metal" colours in the kit as the "Hot" ones; 9g each of the "Metals" and 5g each of the "Hot" colours.

Full written instructions on using the glitters to create the "Hot Copper" look are included with the kit. The kit comes presented in a gift pouch so also makes a fantastic gift for anyone crafty!

Jewellery and beads shown are not included and are just for display purposes made using black Fimo Classic clay with the "Hot Copper" Ultrafine Glitter kit. Please note these glitters are for papercrafts, polymer clay and resin-work. They must not be heated above 130 degrees celcius and are not suitable for fusing, hot enamelling or other hot glass work.


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