Hollow PVC Tubing / Cord - Medium - ( 2 metre Length)


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2 mm diameter hollow PVC cording.

This stuff is great for jewellery designs! You can cut lengths as spacers to use in between other beads, thread it over wire, memory wire or other stringing materials.

The hollow tubing is not really a stringing material. Really it should be viewed as an elongated bead that you cut to whatever length you choose, rather than a threading material in its own right. So you don't crimp or finish the tubing itself to finish your design.

Rather, thread the tubing on to your normal stringing material, wire, memory wire etc and then finish your design in the normal way fixing the clasp to the underneath stringing material. You can hide the cut end of the hollow tubing with bead caps or just some well placed, suitable beads (crystal bicones work well for example).

The hollow tubing allows for more design options than regular solid choker cords. You could use a whole long run of it to make it appear as a solid choker, cut it into sections and interspace them with other beads maybe.

Available in Black and Cherry Red. Priced per 2 metre length.

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