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Polymer Clay Classes

felpham beach huts


I am now offering private polymer clay tuition from my home studio in the lovely village of Felpham, West Sussex. Classes can be tailored to suit your needs, ranging in difficulty levels from absolutely beginners to more advanced techniques. Owners of my Illuminare tutorial (see below) can book a special masterclass with me on these techniques to hone and perfect their skills and learn how to take the techniques further. Classes can be booked individually or with a friend - why not make a mini-break of it? There is plenty to see and do in the local towns of Bognor Regis, Chichester and Arundel and plenty of good local accommodation. Email for details




illuminare and clarice beads e-book pdf tutorial 

Illuminare & Clarice Beads Tutorial - Intermediate level project available to purchase at EJR Beads with immediate download. See how I create my best-selling polymer clay art beads in this fantastic double tutorial. A 45 page PDF e-book with step-by-step instructions and over 90 colour photos.



All the remaining projects and articles on this page are offered here freely for you to enjoy. I hope you find them useful. Please feel free to add a link to this page on your website if you wish to share them with others. All content here is copyrighted material. Please do not print, publish, copy (in full or part) or distribute in any way without my permission. Thank you.


Use the EJR Beads easy transfer Holographic foils to make these earrings!


 Holographic Earrings Project - Beginner level project, see how to transfer the EJR Beads Easy Transfer Holographic Foils onto polymer clay and make a pair of earrings


An easy to make sterling silver and PVC bracelet


Sterling Silver & PVC Bracelet - Intermediate level project. Sterling silver beads are set off beautifully with this unusual use of the EJR Beads PVC square cording.


Learn this useful adjustable knot to make cool chokers!


 Adjustable Knotted Cord Choker - Beginner level project. Make a simple but beautiful choker to show off focal beads with these clever sliding knots.



Microfine Glitter Bead Necklace - Beginner level project. Make simple but sparkly glitter beads using Microfine glitters and polymer clay, then combine them with real amber to make this sumptuous multi-strand necklace.


faux anodized niobium polymer clay


 Faux Anodized Niobium Roll-up Beads - Beginner level project.  Use ultrafine glitters to emulate the look of anodized metals such as niobium or titanium. In this project we use the faux techniques to create attractive Roll-up beads.


extruded polymer clay mummy beads


Mummy Beads - Intermediate level project. Use your extruder tool to create beautiful beads and bangle components inspired by Ancient Egyptian mummies!



extruded polymer clay mummy beads


 Polymer Crackle Technique -  Beginner level project. Use Inka Gold acrylic paints over polymer clay for cool crackle effects.





Pricing Your Jewellery - Whether you sell direct or indirect, on sale or return or outright - you need to know your prices work! This article shows you how to determine wholesale and retail prices for your jewellery, specifically with a view to selling through other outlets such as art galleries and gift shops.


Selling Your Handmade Jewellery - Part 1 - Laying good foundations. Prices are not the only consideration when selling your work. Are you ready? Have you laid down good foundations to sell your handcrafted jewellery?  How do you find your own style, know your workmanship is up to scratch? Be confident to take your selling to the next level by looking at four key areas: Workmanship, Originality, Legality and Desirability.


Running a Successful Jewellery Party - Hosting a jewellery party is a fantastic way to sell your handmade jewellery. You can get out and meet people, make new friends and find new customers for your work. In this article, we look at some of the considerations to throwing a successful jewellery party so you can approach even your first foray into party selling with calm confidence!