LuminArte Polished Pigments Kits

liminarte primary elements polished pigment powders  LuminArtes's Primary Elements Polished Pigments mix intense, high quality pigment powders with mica and other minerals to create a vivid sparkling pigment powder.

Use the powders neat over unbaked polymer clay or mix into water or any acrylic medium to create your own paints, fabric paints and more. The texture of the powders vary between colours - some ultra fine in texture, other colours a little more grainy. All can easily be applied to polymer clay either with a brush or by using your fingertip. After baking, protect the powders with a coat of clay compatible varnish.

These powders do not contain any binder or resins, so will not adhere to paper alone. When mixing with water to create a paint, add a little gum arabic or similar binder. Alternatively mix into any acrylic medium.

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