Foils & Transfers

This section contains a range of foils, metal leaf and waterslide transfers. Transfer foils transfer from their plastic backing, allowing you to add gorgeous metallic and special effect detailing to you polymer clay, paper crafts and more. For paper, simply use double-sided tape where you want the foil to stick, lay the foil over the tape and smooth it down. When you rip away the backing, the foil will be left in place!

These foils all also work well on unbaked polymer clay. Some transfer more easily than others (see individual descriptions for more details) but the principle is the same. Just roll the clay into a sheet, lay the foil down onto the clay and rub over it firmly with the back of an old credit card. Rip away the backing quickly to leave the metallic / special effect foil in place on the clay. The clay can then be baked and varnished as usual.

You will also find metal leaf and waterslide transfers here too. Also check out the Tutorials link on my main webpage for free tutorials on how to use these foils!

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