'On Hold' Items

These items are on hold for specific customers. Please do not purchase unless the item has been reserved for you by prior arrangement.

This service allows you to consolidate all items you want to purchase in any 7 day period into one package, avoiding multiple mailings and postage charges.

To place an item on hold, simply email me the item name. I will move it here, reserved for you to purchase at your leisure that week. Please do not purchase the item and then ask me to hold it for you. Completed orders cannot be retrospectively consolidated - you must purchase all the items you want together in one order to only incur one postage and packing charge.

Only 'one off' items may be reserved. An item is considered 'one off' if there is no quantity box and just the 'add to cart' box in the item description. Other stock items from the store cannot be reserved.

Items not purchased within the 7 days will be made available to all once more. Please only reserve items that you intend to purchase, do not reserve items on a 'maybe' basis as that is not fair to other customers. I reserve the right to refuse to hold items for naughty people.

And one last thing.... I can only reserve an item once I have read your email! And until I have those items will still be available for sale to all. Please bear this in mind if you see a set of beads you simply HAVE to have, because I don't do commissions or make the exact same beads twice!

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