Deco Beads - Small - Vintage Gold


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A 20g baggie of these wonderful glass small Deco accent beads in a lovely brassy vintage gold colour. These small deco beads are so fine, they are almost like sand.

Use these deco beads to accent polymer clay projects or papercrafts. Unlike some products on the market, our deco beads are fully compatible with polymer clay and will withstand the baking temperature.

They are solvent resistant and can be used with liquid polymer clays and resins too. With a generous 20 grams of beads in each bag, you can afford to don your mad scientist hat and really experiment to your heart's content.

The example beads (not included, only for display purposes) show a variety of our Deco beads rolled into polymer clay. Simple concept, but neat effect. When rolling into polymer clay, do work over some newspaper so you can catch and save the escapee deco beads. They will try to head for the hills. Roll the beads into the clay well so the clay smooshes over them a little as this will help them adhere to the clay.


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