Blue Interference - Iridescent Glitter - 10 grams


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A white translucent Microfine glitter with a blue interference iridescent coating. Great for making faux opals, dichroic effects etc.

These glitters look just fantastic over paper and polymer clay. Because they are translucent, the colour of whatever base you put them over will affect the final look.

Over black polymer clay, they become beautifully iridescent, with shimmering interference colours - in this case a deep blue/purple, depending on the angle.

Over white polymer clay a more subtle, pearlescent look can be acheived.

Try mixing them into a little liquid polymer clay, such as Fimo Gel to make faux opals. Painting this over black polymer clay will yield yet another, different look. In this case, the blue interference colour, appears a vibrant turquoise blue. Apply thickly for a cloudy opalescent look, thinner for a more vibrant dichroic effect. Varnish once baked for a shiney finish or leave matte.

Another way to use these glitters is to mix them into Fimo Gel and allow this to settle in a thin layer on a ceramic tile. Once baked, the glittery opal-like sheet can be cut with scissors into different shapes - great for Fairy wings etc.

You can also make wire frames to "enclose" the gel/glitter mix. When baked they can be gently twisted to form flower petals etc.

In all - great fun and only limited by your imagination!

Sold in bag of 10 grams. Also available in larger 50 gram packs in the wholesale section and mixed kits.

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