Cosmic Shimmer Mica Powders Spray Kit - Autumn Sunset


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These kits of Cosmic Shimmer iridescent Mica pigment powders are fantastic. Each kit contains 6 pots of Mica powder, a pump spray bottle and brush.

These are loose Mica powders (similar to Pearl-Ex powders). However like Perfect Pearls powders, they have an added resin, allowing them to be mixed with water to create a paint. You can also add them to warm water in the spray bottle to create a shimmer mist for porous materials like card and paper. Or add them to embossing powders, waxes, varnishes etc.

They can be used over unbaked polymer clay or mixed into the clay itself. You will achieve different effects by varying the base colour - many of the colours will really come alive over black clay for example. The in-built resin helps them adhere to the clay surface well, but varnishing after baking will protect the colours and make the colours really pop!

The pots of powder are smaller in size than our Perfect Pearls powders (the spray bottle measures 9.5 cm tall, to give you an idea of scale). However, they are absolutely full to the brim with powder - so be careful when you open them!

This is the Autumn Sunset kit. It contains the following colours: Yellow Ultra, Orange, Rich Gold, Scarlet Sunset, Red Blaze and Rocket Red. (Left side shows the complete kit - the colours of this particular kit are shown in detail on the right hand side of the picture.)

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