Cernit Mica Powder - Duo - Viola Fantasy


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Cernit Mica Powders Duo colours subtley shift colour and intensity depending on the light and viewing angle. Brush these colourful powders dry over unbaked clay to create fantastic metallic or iridescent effects. Once baked, cover with Cernit varnish to protect the powder and make the colours even more vibrant.

These powders come in very sensible packaging. A tall plastic bottle with a narrow neck allows you to access the powder with a brush or your finger without losing half of it over the side of the pot! The pots also have a child-proof lid, so they won't accidentally open in your craft box and spill everywhere. Nice job Cernit!

This is the Viola Fantasy colour. A pinky violet with hints of green depending on the angle. Photo shows the powder neat over black clay. Duo colours are semi translucent so will appear stronger over darker colours and more of a mother-of-pearl effect over lighter colour clays. Pot contains 2g of powder

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