Ceramic Clay - Majolica Large Flower Charm Bead Pair


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A pair of Majolica style handpainted flower charms.

These ceramic clay beads are worked from high fired stoneware clay for a porcelain like feel. They have been hand painted over a white glaze base in the Majolica style in a dark plum pink and yellow.

Each bead has a concave shape and has a threading hole in the centre - ideal for all you beading and wirework artists as the unusual hole position should offer up some interesting design possibilities.

Price is for one pair (2 beads) All the charms are handmade by me, so naturally slight variations in size, pattern and colouration will occur. The beads average 25 mm diameter. They are patterned on the front only, but glazed white back and front for uniformity.

Please order as many packs as you will need for your project at once, as once these charms are gone it is unlikely I will repeat them exactly.

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