Ceramic Clay - White Gold Ammonite Pendant


An ammonite fossil ceramic pendant, glazed in a soft wash of blue, green and accented with pure white gold.

This pendant is worked from durable stoneware clay but with a delicate, porcelain-like feel . It has been glazed all over for a uniform look and accented on the front with a splash of distressed white gold leaf.

Size 30 mm.  The hanging hole at the top of the pendant is around 1.5mm, wide enough to accomodate most wires and jumprings. Please note the white gold accenting is a decorative surface embellishment snuggled under an imperceivable but durable protective layer. It will not scratch or wear off with handling or be damaged by normal everyday use in finished jewellery, however care should be taken when working not to cause damage with sharp wire ends or metal tools.

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