Lampwork Ice Beads - Slight Seconds


 Sold Out 

A set of 5 Slight Seconds Ice beads in deep teal, clear and emerald green.

My slight second beads are usually beads made for other sets that didn't quite fit size-wise or beads with a slight design flaw. They are perfectly sound beads, kiln annealed and made with as much love as my other lampies just they find themselves lost and alone in this cruel world for no other reason than maybe they were a bit large, or maybe a dot was in the wrong place etc. Poor little sausages. Because I cannot handle their loneliness and the massive sense of guilt I feel at causing it, I like to sell off these little darlings at a bargain price so they can find happy homes quickly.

  • Material – Glass
  • Number of Beads - 4
  • Average Size - 10 x 15 mm
  • Hole Size – approx 1.5 mm (wound on 1/16th inch mandrels)
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