Lampwork Beads - Teal, Lilac & Gold Randoms


5 very freeform and shapely Random beads, worked with a teal core decked with lashings of real pure gold leaf and cased in large, random trails of lavender glass. These beads give two distinct looks viewed either front or side on so offer some fun earring design possibilities.

  • Colour - Teal green, Gold and Lavender (colour-shifting colour, will appear pale blue in some lighting)
  • Bead size - average size 8 x 15 mm
  • Hole size - approx  1.5 mm diameter hole, wound on 1/16th inch mandrels

All my beads are handmade by me, Emma Ralph, in my Sussex, England studio. My beads are all kiln-annealed and cleaned. Thank you for supporting Self Representing Artists

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