Adirondack Alcohol Inks - Tri-pack - Tuscan Garden


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These alcohol inks are fantastic to use with polymer clay and other crafts. They are suitable for most non-porous, slick surfaces such as glossy paper, foil, plastic, glass etc.

To use with polymer clay, simply apply to baked or unbaked clay. Or try kneading into clay to create new colours. I hope to have a project up soon on my website to show some ideas for these inks. Until then - just experiement and have fun!

The inks are quite drying and transparent and great for airbrushing too. You can lighten and blend colours with the alcohol blending solution, and don't be afraid to mix different colours together to create your own custom shades.

The inks come in packs of 3 different colours, each bottle is 15 ml and will last - a little goes a VERY long way with these inks! This set is Tuscan Garden - with 3 warm shades : Red Pepper, Mushroom and Oregano

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