Cernit Polymer Clay - T005 - Translucent White

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2 oz / 57g block of T005 Translucent White.

Cernit polymer clay Translucent range contains 6 translucent clays, including a translucent white and a glow-in-the-dark clay. Used in very thin layers, these clays become almost see-through. The coloured clays are very saturated and best diluted by adding them to translucent white, a little at a time.

Cernit is Phthalate-free, easy to use and very strong when baked, even in thin sheets. Bake for half an hour at 110 - 130 degrees C.

I've found Cernit white translucent to be great in thin layers. In my tests pitting it against Pardo, I far preferred the Cernit both for handling and finish. Click here to see my results of both clays on the thickest and thinnest pasta machine settings.

Cernit translucents tend to be quite soft in use. If you prefer a firmer clay they do leach incredibly quickly (10 mins or so)

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