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Single, 4 x 6 inch sheet of Micromesh Sheet.

Micromesh is a superior flexible cloth-backed abrasive material. Use it wet or dry to sand your polymer clay or metal creations to a high shine.

Choose from the following grit sizes 1800, 2400, 4000, 6000, 8000 and 12000. (1800 micromesh grit is roughly equivalent to 600 grit in regular wet/dry sandpapers)

Micromesh differs from normal sandpaper in its construction. Abrasive crystals embedded in the Micromesh are free to move a little. So they can alter direction and recede into the flexible matrix under pressure. This allows the crystals to align and make a consistent contact with the surface being polished.

The result is a much longer-lasting product that gives an even, more consistent polish than traditional wet/dry papers. The finer grits allow you to continue sanding and refining far beyond regular sandpaper to get the smoothest finish possible.

Price is for one 6 x 4 inch sheet. Select your preferred grit size from the drop down menu

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