Cotton Paper Balls - 10 pcs - Choice of Larger Sizes

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These compressed cotton balls are perfect for a variety of craft and bead-making projects. You can paint and decorate them, or cover them with polymer clay or papier mache to make beads. Use them as inserts for fabric jewellery and much more. They are equally useful for modelling and sculpture projects.

The cotton will soften and disintergrate with water, so you will need to apply a protective varnish if you are painting or covering them with paper. If you use a fine water spray, you can moisten the cotton balls and re-shape them in any way you wish. You can also saw them into different shapes with a tissue blade and sand them.

Available in 2 larger sizes in this listing - 25 mm and 30 mm.(check the online store for smaller sizes, available separately)

You can have 10 pieces in all one size, or choose a mixed bag where you will get 6 x 25 mm balls and 4 x 30 mm balls. Please choose from the drop-down menu below

(picture shows the 25 mm diameter balls. Click here to see the larger, 30 mm balls)


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