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Imagine being able to make these polymer clay art beads in any size, shape or colour you want. You can easily learn how.

Get instant access to my Illuminare & Clarice Beads downloadable PDF coursebook plus optional live one-to-one support from me (as much or as little as you require) via email or using our private area on The Polyclay Forum. Work through the course material at your own pace - there are no obligations or coursework to complete. The file contains two full bead-making tutorials to master, plus much more besides.

If and when you need my guidance or wish for me to critique your progress, this is available personally tailored to your needs. You call the shots! I can help you via email or real-time through our room over at The Polyclay Forum. You may also join our regular web discussions and network with other students of these techniques. In this home study package, you will learn exactly how to make my Illuminare and Clarice beads as I walk you step-by-step through making both bead sets pictured.

Because you'll want to know the entire process from start to finish, nothing is missed out. The downloadable PDF course material e-book also contains detailed chapters on how to shape, sand and finish the beads to perfection. I don’t just tell you what I do - you'll see exactly how I do it, in incredible detail! The PDF includes over 45 pages and over 90 colour photographs!


Learn the EASIEST way to sand beads - you don't even need to be there, its so easy! Learn the best way to varnish beads for a professional finish with no drips!

Don't just take my word for it - here are just a couple of extracts from the many emails I've already received praising this tuition package:

" Instructions are so clear to understand. Made my first set of Illuminare next day and they came out brilliant. " JH

"I'd like to thank you for writing such a cohesive, clear and concise bead tutorial course!...Your pictures were CLEAR as a bell and your instruction was as up to par as possible! Your inspiration has just breathed life into this fairly-new-at-polymer artist! I've only been dabbling in polymer for about 9 months now but I am totally "in"!" RJ

"Your method for getting perfectly centred beadholes has revolutionised my bead-making. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!" MB

Click here for example images from the downloadable course material!

Inside, you’ll find:

- Illuminare Beads tutorial – full step-by-step instructions for making my classic round Illuminare beads with their “beach ball” effect stripes.
- Clarice Beads tutorial – full step-by-step instructions for creating these colourful beads

- Detailed tools & materials list. (We don’t use any unusual materials for these projects. If you don’t already have what's needed, you can find it at EJR Beads.)
- Exactly how I pierce my beads to get straight, centred bead holes
- How to make distortion-free lentil beads
- Quick and easy ways to sand beads
- How to varnish beads to perfection with no drips or brush marks.

*** Plus *** a gallery of inspiring designs with plenty of tips on how you can adapt these techniques and make them your own - so important if you sell your work (and yes, you can sell beads made from this tutorial!)

*** Plus *** free access to the member’s only lounge at The Polyclay Forum. Here we have a private area set aside for further interactive, discussion on the techniques with regular live question & answer sessions with me, your tutor.  Just sign up at the forum and ask me for access to the member's only area.

*** Plus *** unlimited, one-on-one, personal support from me, your tutor. If you have any questions on the techniques I'll be on hand via email or the forum to work with you individually as you learn these cool polymer clay techniques. 

These are intermediate level tutorials. You will need basic polymer clay skills, including rolling logs and sheets to specific dimensions, making and reducing millefiori canes and a general confidence in handling the clay.

This PDF e-book course material is just under 8 MB and is available for immediate download through our online store. Just add it to your cart and purchase in the normal manner (obviously no postage will be added!)
You will need a PDF reader to open and view the course material, Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free at 

Please note – this home study course is a NON-REFUNDABLE item. If you have any questions, please ask them before ordering. The supporting tutorials are copyrighted material. In purchasing, you agree not to share, copy or distribute this information in anyway. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not purchase – thank you!

Wait to be re-directed back to this site after making your payment. Click on the "download" button to save your course book to your computer. (If your computer opens the PDF e-book automatically instead of prompting you to save, you must remember to save it manually before closing the book!)

Check out the weblink below for images from the course material!

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