EJR Beads Virtual Gift Vouchers


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Purchase virtual EJR Beads gift vouchers in any amount for you or your friends and family.

The vouchers come in multiples of £1. Type the overall amount you want into the quantity box and add to cart. (So for a £10 voucher, type 10 and add to cart. For a £50 voucher type 50 and so on.) Then just check-out as normal.

Once your order is activated by EJR Beads, you'll see the amount appear as a credit balance on your EJR Beads account page. You then send some or all of this credit on to your loved one by entering their email address and the amount you wish to send them.  Each person you send a gift voucher to will receive an email  containing a redemption code and details on how to redeem their gift certificate. Any remaining credit will stay showing on your account until you either spend it or forward it on to the next friend.  Cool huh?

If you prefer to have something to put in a card for your recipient to open, just email the balance to yourself. You can then print out the voucher email you receive and pop it into a nice card. When your recipient visits EJR Beads to spend their voucher, they just need to enter the
redemption code into the Gift Cards Redemption Code box at checkout to redeem some or all of their voucher value.

Please note your completed voucher order must be activated by us before it becomes useable and the balance shows in your account. This normally takes no time at all but please allow 24 hours from time of purchase for activation. As soon as the purchase is activated, you will be notified and the credit will become visible in your EJR Beads account for you to spend or forward as you choose.

You will not be charged any shipping costs on the purchase of the gift vouchers themselves. If you purchase vouchers alongside other store items, normal shipping costs will apply only for those items we are physically despatching. So there is no need to place mixed orders separately unless you choose to.

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