Ceramic Clay & Niobium Earrings - Aqua Night


A playful pair of earrings featuring my ceramic clay glazed charms teamed with small glass beads and anodized niobium wirework.

The earrings are asymetrical in their colouring, each worked in shades of navy and purple wirework but with a different colour order for each earring. A small, almost un-noticable detail, but you'll either love or hate that depending on your mindset!

The earwires themselves are made of Hypo-Allergenic anodized niobium - making these earrings safe and comfortable for anyone to wear, even those with metal sensitivities. The niobium also never fades or tarnishes, so your earrings will look great for years to come with no work required on your part! I like easy-to-keep jewellery like that, don't you?

The earrings measure approx 60 mm in length, including the earwire. They will arrive beautifully packaged in a gift box, making them the ideal gift, even if it is just a treat for yourself!

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