Niobium 20 ga Wire - Green


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20 ga Niobium wire, anodized to a green colour (sold by the ft / 30 cm piece)

This wire is very firm and springy (so take care when using it, especially when you remove it from the packet!) Use it to make your own custom earring wires, necklace clasps, jumprings and so on.

Niobium is Hypo-allergenic, making it comfortable to wear for those with metal-sensitivities. It also looks very cool!

The anodized coating is permanent and does not tarnish. It is however only a surface coating, so take care not scratch the wire with your pliers as any direct friction could damage the oxide layer. A good way to avoid this is to wrap a little masking tape around the jaws of your pliers first. Likewise, you must not tumble, hammer, solder or heat this wire.

PRICE IS PER 1FT LENGTH (approx a 30 cm). Where possible if you order multiple lengths I will try to ensure it is continuous, but this cannot be guarenteed. So if that is vital - be sure to let me know in the comments section of the order form.

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