Niobium Eyepins & Earwires Kit - 8 Pairs - Mixed or One Colour


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8 pairs of thick, 45 mm (1.75 inch) Anodized Niobium eyepins and 8 matching pairs of looped earwires - 32 pieces in total. The eyepins are a full centimetre longer than our headpins with a 3 mm ED turned loop at one end

Choose your colour from the drop down menu or select Rainbow Mix to get one pair each of the following colours - Navy, Turquoise, Ice Blue, Purple, Pink, Green, Bronze & Yellow.

Niobium is Hypo-allergenic, making it comfortable for those with metal-sensitivities to wear. It also looks very cool! This metal is not dyed - the colour is achieved by light refracting off the microscopic oxide layer created by the anodisation process. It is hard-wearing and does not tarnish or flake off. However it is possible to scratch it with hard metal tools such as pliers when working. A good way to avoid this is to wrap a little masking tape around the jaws of your pliers first.


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