Hypo Allergenic Earring Hooks Kit


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Wear your favourite earrings again with these hypo allergenic Niobium and titanium earwires. Safe and comfy for most sensitive ears

Pack contains 10 pairs of Hypo allergenic and nickel free anodised niobium and pure titanium earring findings in mixed metal tones. There are 4 pairs of titanium wires in a dark silver shade, the niobium come in a mixture of anodized colours, 2 pairs each of yellow, antique gold and bronze, a dark coppery brown.

These looped hook earwires are hypo-allergenic and very light in weight. Perfect for anyone with metal sensitivities, they are our most comfortable-to-wear earwires. The colour is created by anodizing the wire so it is naturally non-tarnishing and never needs cleaning!

These findings are made from certified and traceable niobium and pure titanium wire. Wire thicknesses are 20ga AWG. This is 032” imperial or in metric, 0.81mm. The physical measurements of the earwires are 20 mm total length, width is around 8 to 10 mm, depending where you measure them. The loop has an external diameter of around 4.5 mm

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