Renaissance Wax Polish


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Renaissance polish is a micro-crystalline wax polish developed in the British Museum laboratories and now used by museums and galleries around the world

Refined from crude oil, this wax polish can protect a multitude of surfaces from weathering and corrosion. It also brings out the grain on sanded wood.  

The wax can be used over baked polymer clay. Apply a little with your finger to baked, sanded clay and then buff it off by hand with a few swipes of a soft duster - the clay will have a soft, satin sheen, similar to machine buffing only a lot less hard work! You can also use this wax over fired Art Clay Silver pieces to protect the oxidized surface and prevent further tarnishing. Main wire and metal artists like to use this wax on copper and brass too

Sold per 65 ml tin. Comes with infomation sheet.

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