Pre-Lim Surface Cleaner & Renaissance Wax - Bundle Saver Pack


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This listing is for one 65 ml pot each of Renaissance Wax polish and Pre-Lim cleaner - two useful jewellery making products, bundled into one purchase to save you time and money. 

Both products were developed by Picreator for the restoration and preservation of museum artefacts.

Pre-Lim cleaner is a gently abrasive cleaner for use over metals, ceramics and more. Designed for the restoration of arms and armour, brass and copper ehibition cookware etc, it is a wonderful product to have on the jeweller's bench also.

Although it is a little too abrasive for everyday cleaning of silver, it is very useful with that metal too on occasion - for example, easily removing heavy tarnish build up or using as a fine, final polish for silver or Art Clay projects.

The formulation is based on blended Neuburg silica chalks in a water/white spirit emulsion. As is customary in professional restoration, a discreet test is advised to ensure that Pre-lim is suitable for specific projects and materials.

Renaissance Wax, is the perfect follow on to protect metal surfaces from tarnish and give a lustrous finish.

Renaissance wax is a micro-crystalline wax, developed for use by museum curators to protect metal, ceramics, leather, wood, plastic - even paper and photographs.

Renaissance wax will protect your metal jewellery and tools from tarnish and rusting. It is also fantastic for use over baked polymer clay - rub a tiny amount over baked and sanded polymer clay for a soft, buffed sheen.

Both of these products are also available separately in the EJR Beads store, however you'll save a little by purchasing them together.


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