Copper Crimp Covers - Large 4 mm - Pack of 10


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These copper crimp covers don't look like much, but they sure are useful!

Use them to hide crimps (or knots) when finishing jewellery. The crimp cover is closed around the crimp, hiding it away perfectly. When closed, the crimp cover just looks like a normal round bead. So you can use any type of crimp to finish your jewellery and cover it to match your copper beads and findings.

You don't need crimping pliers to close these covers. Use any normal flat-nosed / chain-nosed pliers and just close the cover gently around the crimp until it forms a round bead. You can cover the jaws of your pliers with a little masking tape if they are serated and you are worried about marking the metal.

These are the larger sized crimp covers. They will comfortably cover a 2 x 2 mm crimp tube

Sold in packs of 10 pieces ( 5 pairs). Also available in a smaller size and in larger, wholesale packs.

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