Large Beaded Jewellery Bags - Pack of 10 - Multi


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I just adore these gift bags, they are nicer than any others I have seen - that is why I use them myself of course.

These bags measure approx 10 x 13 cm ( 4 x 4.5 inches), and that is mostly all useable space because the drawstring is positioned right at the very top of the bags not further down as you often find on the Wedding Favour type bags.

The bags each have two co-ordinating glass beads on the drawstrings and a fringe of tiny seed beads along the bottom edge. They are made of a semi-translucent, metallic material that is actually surprisingly thick and durable considering it looks so sheer! As I said, I have used these bags for years now and I love them. I am sure you will too.

PRICED PER PACK OF 10 MULTI-COLOURED BAGS. This is a great mix of 10 different coloured bags, there are some stunning colours in these packs.

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