Anti Tarnish Tabs


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A bag of 50 of these oh-so-useful anti tarnish tabs. Use to keep metal jewellery and beads tarnish free. Works with all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including silver, copper, brass etc

Each tab will provide approx 1 year's worth of protection for a container up to 30 cubic inches. When selling jewellery, pop a tab inside the box so your designs arrive with the customer in tip top condition. It can be hidden under the wadding so as to not ruin the impact. To store beads and jewellery, you can put the individual boxes or pouches all an airtight container with one or two tabs in the bottom. Why not put a tab in with all your sterling silver and copper beads and findings to keep them tarnish free?

These tabs work by absorbing and then neutralising the gases that cause corrosion. They are non-abrasive and will not harm any object they come into contact with. So they can be safely used with pearls, gemstones, amber etc. They do not omit any chemicals or oils and will not leave any residues on the items you protect with them. They are also enviromentally friendly!

SOLD PER BAG OF 50 TABS - Each tab measures 25 x 25 mm (1 x 1")  (Also available in larger wholesale bags of 250 pcs)

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