Lisa Pavelka Series - Border Molds - Ropes & Braids


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These are fantastic, solid border moulds for use with polymer clay, Art Clay silver etc.

Make incredible polymer clay border designs to embellish your clay and crafting projects quickly and easily.  These designs make excellent scrapbook borders and frames or use to mold jewellery, rings etc. The open ended cavities make removing borders a snap and minimize stretching and distortion.

For an elegant effect, apply transfer foils or add Perfect Pearl powders to the clay snakes before inserting and pressing to mold. For a more dramatic look rub alcohol inks or paints into the baked borders and wipe away the excess for an “antiqued” look.

These molds can also be used for hot melt glues, ultra thick embossing enamels, soap, metal or air-dry clays. This set is Ropes and Braids - which is rather self-explanatory! Borders are approx 10 cm long, the widest pattern in this set is approx 13 mm. There are 4 different designs on each mould.

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