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My "Scrappy Moulds" are simple little texture tools, made from scrap polymer clay. They are versatile tools at prices that won't break the bank!

This mould is taken from a very old antique Dutch Silver Horseman button. The design is very shallow on this mould and due to the nature of the original it comes from, indistinct and worn in places. The design measures approx 28 mm diameter.

My polymer clay example shows a sheet of black polymer clay pushed into the mould, cut to shape and the pattern highlighted with a little dab of mica powders just on the high areas. Much fun!

These moulds are designed to be used with unbaked polymer clay, precious metal clay or art clay and ceramic clays. Use to create moulded clay elements to add to your project or make into beads and charms.

Just roll a little ball of clay large enough to fill the mould and push it slowly into the mould. To remove, turn the mould over and give it a sharp tap on the back with something hard like a big marker pen or acrylic hand roller and the moulded clay should plop out.

For water-based clays, like metal or ceramic clay, I find it best to not use any release but let the clay air-dry for a little while before attempting removal.

With polymer clays, you can use either a light dusting of corn flour or talcum powder to act as a release. Alternatively, spritz the mould lightly with a little water. Or why not use colourful mica pigment powders as the release to give soft metallic highlights to the moulded clay?

Price is for the mould only - any moulded items shown in photo are for example only. To prolong the life of your scrap clay moulds, don't allow unbaked polymer clay to sit in them longer than necessary and wash well with warm soapy water after use (the mould that is, not you. Unless you need a bath). Not suitable for use with liquid polymer clays or resins. Exact mould may vary slightly in colour and depth, slight variations will occur as this is a handmade product.

Please note the mould patterns are the copyright of EJR Beads. You may sell clay projects, jewellery etc using clay shaped with these moulds. But, you may NOT replicate the mould itself or create any type of texture tool from it to sell.

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