Makins Clay - Professional Clay Extruder


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An easy way to extrude polymer clay, air dry clays, sugarpaste, ceramic clay etc.

Unlike traditional clay guns, with this extruder you wind the handle down to extrude the clay - much easier on the hands and the large aluminium barrel won't need refilling so often if you have a long day ahead of you making clay-snakes! (Yes, that is a technical

Comes with an assortment of different extruder disks. Additional die sets and open-core adaptors are also available to make this tool even more versatile.

CAUTION:- these tools are designed to be turned by hand only. Do not attempt to modify or motorise this extruder or attach it to power tools. EJR Beads will not be held responsible for damage to your extruder or personal injury to yourself, should you ignore this warning!


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