Fimo Texture Sheets - Wood / Wickerwork

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Fimo texture sheets come in sets of two different patterns, perfect for adding interesting texture to sheets of polymer clay, air-dry clay and sugarpaste and so on.

This set contains a woodgrain effect and a wickerwork effect sheet. Each sheet measures 168 x 150 mm.

These sheets can be rolled with your clay through the pasta machine or just laid over the clay and pressed down with your fingers or a hand roller. You can use a light mist of water as a release to stop the sheets sticking to the clay, but I've never found it necessary.

Try highlighting the raised areas of the pattern with some mica pigment powders, such as our Perfect Pearls or Cosmic Shimmer Mica Powders. Alternatively, paint over with inks after baking and lightly sand to remove the colour from the high parts - a great way to make an antiqued effect!

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