Vintage Buttons - Waistcoat Buttons & Pin in Case


I just love this set of buttons. Truth be told, I would be happy to not sell it and add it to my own personal collection. But if I took that attitude about everything I loved that came into EJR Towers, the shelves would be bare and I would be broke!

So here we have a beautiful set of 5 men's waistcoat buttons and a matching tie pin. The buttons and pin are mother of pearl set in in what I can only assume is gold-plated bezels since I can see no hallmarking or maker's marks anywhere. There is however no wear and tear that I can see anywhere on the golden rim of the buttons.

The backs and shanks of the buttons are brass, as are the accompanying split ring keepers. All come complete in what appears to be the original leather case.

This set of buttons is in beautiful condition. I think it would make a lovely addition to someone's collection or indeed would make a great gift too. They say style never goes out of fashion and I am sure there is many a man out there who would enjoy using and wearing these buttons.

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