Vintage Buttons / Beads - Mother of Pearl Trefoil


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Here is a great item for all of you who like recycling, upcycling and generally making beautiful vintage pieces come alive again.

This is a gorgeous mother of pearl leaf shaped thingy. I say thingy as I really don't know for sure exactly what it is or what it's original purpose was. I suspect it came from a Victorian or Edwardian hair comb or something similar. I just don't know. It could be earlier still, maybe from a shoe or buckle? Or later. I asked it and it just won't tell me!

The piece measures 42 x 58 mm and is softly curved. It is approx, 1.5 mm thick. It has a hole at the top, also a hole at the bottom which contains a rusted cut steel stud. I think that would be best removed and any staining from the rust could be covered with some imaginative wire or beadwork.

There is a soft design carved into the leaf shape and overall the surface is in great condition, just needs a good clean!

Either way - this really would make a fantastic focal piece for any vintage project. The mother of pearl doesn't show up so well in the picture, but the vibrancy of the nacre is gorgeous with an overall soft peachy pink colour to the shell.

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