Easy-Transfer Holographic Foil


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Holographic patterned foil, easy to transfer to polymer clay!

These foils transfer easily on to unbaked polymer clay, allowing you to create fantastic holographic and faux dichroic effects in your Fimo and Cernit projects.

These packs are superb value - you get 6 sheets of silver holographic transfer foils in a variety of patterns. The foil itself appears silver, but will reflect every colour of the rainbow as you tilt it (just like looking at the back of a CD)

These foils are perfect for use with paper arts or polymer clay. Each sheet is approx. 23 x 15 cm (6 x 9 inches). There are 3 different patterns in each pack, 2 sheets of each pattern. Each pack is a random mix.

This holographic foil can be rubbed onto un-baked polymer clay - simply rip away the backing and the holographic effects are left on the clay. You can then use and bake the clay as normal. These foils transfer more easily and completely on polymer clay than any other brand of foil I have tried, and they are great value too! They can also be used over PVA glue or double-sided sticky tape for paper crafts and card making etc.

Click the link below for a free tutorial on how to use these foils!

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