Gold Colour - French Wire / Gimp - Fine


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A 14 " (35 cm) strand of plated gold colour French Wire, (also, sometimes known as Bullion wire or, rather delightfully, Gimp!)

French wire is a traditional alternative to wire protectors, especially suited to stringing threads as well as finer diameter wires like Flex-rite .014" (0.35 mm) or thinner.

It works by protecting the loop of stringing material which holds the final clasp in place from wear or tear. Unlike wire protectors, using french wire allows you to control exactly how big or small you make the end loop.

To use, finish stringing your beads. Snip off the desired length of french wire and thread it on. Finally, thread your stringing material back through the beads and finish off as normal. (I'm sure there is a better way of explaining this, but if you google or check You Tube for using french wire, I am sure you will find some great pointers)

Price is for one strand of 14 " (approx. 35 cm)Also available in copper plated, silver plated and sterling silver versions. Nickel-free, plated copper wire.

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