New Products

Cernit Mica Powder - Duo - Viola Fantasy

Cernit Mica Powders Duo colours subtley shift colour and intensity depending on the light and viewing angle. Brush these colourful powders dry over ... more info
Polymer Clay Iridescent Ammonite Earrings Cyan

A sweet pair of earrings featuring my handmade polymer clay ammonite charms. These lightweight earrings are perfect day-wear, so comfortable and easy ... more info
Blue Sunflower Artisan Ceramic Bead Earrings

Cheerful blooming sunflowers shine from these earrings, worked in ceramic with a soft plum and blue glaze with just a hint of lustre. They have been ... more info
Blue Maple Artisan Ceramic Bead Earrings

Distressed purple-blue lustred ceramic leaves feature in these earrings. I've teamed them with soft green gemstone chips, japanese glass and of ... more info
Blue Troikaesque Tri Bead Earrings

This elegant pair of earrings features a pair of my handmade ceramic clay Troikaesque beads. These tri beads have raised heart motifs on each of ... more info
Aztec Ceramic Drop Beads - Pack of 10

A pack of 10 ceramic drop beads, handpainted with aztec designs. Each pack contains a pair in 5 different colours, although please note that due to ... more info
Faux Amber - Resin Beads Mix

A gorgeous mix of mostly quite large faux amber resin beads. These beads are lovely, emulating amber to me they actually have the look of Bakelite or ... more info
Harebell Artisan Ceramic Bead Earrings

Sweet, delicate earrings feature handcrafted ceramic bell flowers in soft plum purple and navy with a subtle lustre. They have been teamed with ... more info
Caramel Moon Artisan Ceramic Bead Earrings

These earthy, rich earrings feature handcrafted ceramic moons in mottled caramel brown. They have been teamed with anodized aluminium chain, Japanese ... more info
Lampwork Bead Earrings - Rose Petal

These unique earrings feature a pair of my handmade lampwork glass beads worked in pale rose pink and clear with real gold leaf and metallic accents. ... more info
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